Managing your subscription

You can now manage your subscription directly from the Tone & Sculpt website

This will allow you to view your subscription account. There are currently 3 types of subscription methods supported by Tone & Sculpt; the Website, Google Play & iTunes.

Within each of the below sections you will be able to change your subscription type, cancel your subscription and view the expiry date of your active subscription. When making any changes to your subscription, these will take effect at your next billing date.

If you wish to change your subscription from yearly to monthly, your subscription will still show on the system as yearly once you have completed this. No funds will be taken until the end of the current subscription. 

Please note your subscription will not change in the middle of a live subscription. 


Visit our website and from the menu on the left hand side you will see the option to login into your account.


Settings > Itunes & App Store > Click on Apple ID (View ID & sign-in) > Subscriptions > Tone and Sculpt

See here for more help >

Google Play

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