Utilising Offline Mode

Tone & Sculpt comes fully equipped so that you can use the app with or without the internet! If your workout space lacks a strong internet connection, you can be prepared by downloading the workout to your device locally.

This stores the workout data and videos directly on your device for an even more seamless workout experience. You can save any workout within app to be available Offline, you can do this by carrying out the following steps:

Choose your desired workout and at the top right hand corner you will see a cloud icon, pressing this icon will provide you a prompt to download the workout. Once you receive the download complete screen, these workouts will be stored within your Profile under 'Saved Workouts'. 

If you have internet connection you can still access these workouts, however, if you device is in Aeroplane mode or has no connect at all, when loading the app you will automatically be diverted to the saved workouts so you don't miss out on your training. 


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