Kick Start 30 day challenge

What is the Kick Start challenge?

The Kick Start challenge starting on the 7th Jan- 5th Feb is 30 days of surprise challenges 15-30 minutes that will push you to achieve your goals! Choose from either Krissy or Danyele and get ready to smash this!

I’ve signed up for the Kick Start challenge. What do I do next?

You’ve done everything you need to do! Stay tuned for the next updates on what to do next!

Can I be on Krissy’s guide and do Danyele’s Kick Start Challenge (and vice versa)?

Yes of course! You can choose your trainer separate to your guide trainer.


Can I swap between both trainers during the Kick Start challenge?

No once you are on that trainer’s challenge you can’t swap between the two.


Can I see what the challenges will be?

The challenge will appear daily and you can only see the day that has been released.


Can I change my choice of trainer to complete the challenge with?

Once you’ve chosen the challenge and the trainer you can’t swap them back. 


How can I get the Kick Start challenge into my weekly planner?

Your Kick Start challenge will appear in your weekly planner once the workout has been completed. You can view your workout overview in the Kick Start challenge dashboard. 


I want to restart my Kick Start challenge.

You won’t be able to re-start the Kick Start challenge however you can go back to the days you missed to complete the challenges. 


When can I see my challenges until?

After the 5th February challenge you can view the dashboard until 6th Feb 2021. After this date the Kick Start dashboard will be removed from the app but don’t worry you can still see all of your completed challenges in your weekly planner!


How long until I can sign up for the Kick Start challenge?

You can sign up to the Kick Start challenge until the 5th January 2021 23:59 (GMT)


Why can’t I see my daily challenge?

Each day's challenge will be able to be viewed in the overview not in your weekly planner. Each day the challenge will be released in the morning GMT time so if you are in an ahead time zone you may not see the challenge until later in the day. 

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