Beat Your Best Challenge

What is the Beat Your Best challenge?

Following from the Kick Start challenge in January The Beat Your Best challenge starting on the 12th April- 12th May is 30 days of surprise challenges lasting 20-30 minutes that will push you to achieve your goals! Choose from either Krissy or Danyele and get ready to push yourself!


How is it different to the Kick Start challenge?

The Kick Start challenge was based on habit formation and pushing you through that difficult January phase. Beat your Best is about pushing you to new limits and helping you to maximise your potential, by allowing you to see your progression through benchmark testing.


Why is it called Beat your Best?

Beat your Best is a benchmark challenge, with benchmark tests taking place on days  1 and 30. The challenge is designed to encourage people to beat their own personal bests.


What are the differences between Danyele and Krissy’s challenges?

Danyele’s 'Power' challenge will help you to increase your strength, speed and overall power and athleticism

Krissy’s  'Endurance' challenge will improve your cardio, muscular endurance and stamina.


Can I swap between both trainers during the Beat Your Best challenge?

Before the challenge begins you can change your trainer by clicking on the … icon on the right hand side. Once the challenge has begun you won’t be able to swap between the two. 


Can I see what the challenges will be?

The challenge will appear daily and you can only see the day that has been released 


Can I change my trainer to complete the challenge with?

Yes of course! You can do this before the challenge begins, once the challenge has begun you won’t be able to change the trainer. 


Can I be on Krissy’s guide and do Danyele’s Beat Your Best challenge (and vice versa)?

Yes of course! You can choose your trainer separately from your guide trainer.


I’ve signed up for the Beat Your Best challenge. What do I do next?

You’ve done everything you need to do! Stay tuned for the next updates on what to do next!


How can I get the Beat Your Best challenge into my weekly planner?

Your Beat Your Best challenge will appear in your weekly planner once the workout has been completed.You can view your workout overview in the Beat Your Best challenge dashboard. 


I want to restart my Beat Your Best challenge

You won’t be able to re-start the Beat Your Best challenge however you can go back to the days you missed to complete the challenges. 


When can I see my challenges until?

After the 12th May challenge you can view the dashboard until 13th May 2021. After this date the Beat Your Best dashboard will be removed from the app but don’t worry you can still see all of your completed challenges in your weekly planner!


How long until I can sign up for the Beat Your Best challenge?

You can sign up to the Kick Start challenge until the 11th April 23:59 (GMT)


Why can’t I see my daily challenge?

Each day's challenge will be able to be viewed in the overview not in your weekly planner. 


What trainer challenge should I choose? 

This will depend on what you want to achieve! Want to focus on endurance for 3 days? Choose Krissy! 

Want to boost your power? Danyele is your coach to guide you through!


What level should I choose?

We’ve now made it even easier to join the challenge! You can now opt for beginner or advanced to add on top of your chosen workout guide. Our beginner challenge involves 5 challenges a week and 2 rest days whilst our advanced challenge has 6 challenges a week and 1 rest day. Each challenge includes a Benchmark test at days 1 and 30 so you can see how far you’ve come. 


Do I do this instead of my chosen guide?

The Beat Your Best challenge has been designed to sit alongside your current guide to push yourself to beat your best! 


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