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What is the Elevate challenge?

The Elevate challenge is our latest challenge and just in time for summer! It is available in beginner, intermediate and advanced levels from the 19th July until 8th August 2021. The aim of this challenge is to elevate your current fitness game all within 21 days!


How is this different from previous challenges?

You asked and we listened! This challenge is different as it will now replace your current guide and all will be approximately 30 minute workouts, this will help you balance your week and not feel that it is too much. There will be 4 workouts per week for 3 weeks, you also now have the ability to move them around in your week to suit you. 


With three levels and three incredible trainers there is something for everyone and you still get to earn stars as you complete them! 


I’m worried that swapping my guide out will lose my progress on my current guide?

You won’t lose any progress or stars you’ve earned by taking part in Elevate. Once Elevate has ended you can carry on with your guide from where you were up to. 


I’m keen to focus on earning my stars so I don’t lose out on progress towards my 50 stars. 

All Elevate workouts will allow you to earn a star towards your 50, there are 12 in total across the 3 weeks. This is the first challenge to do this and all you’ll have to do is complete the day's challenge, then it will appear in your planner as normal. 


Is it best to choose the same trainer as the guide I am currently training on?

It will be your choice, each trainer will have a different focus in their challenge so read over their bio and watch their video to decide what workout style and goal suits you best.  


What levels are they available in?

The challenges are available in beginner, intermediate and advanced for all trainers.


What time will the workouts be released?

The workouts will be released at 6am local time all around the world and you’ll also be able to move around the week's workouts to suit you. 


How many challenges are there per week?

There will be 4 challenges per week and these will appear on your planner and on your Elevate dashboard, rest days won’t appear on these so you can choose them yourselves. 


What if I want to do more than 4 days?

Why not take this opportunity to try out our On Demand classes or add in some additional workouts or challenges! There are so many workouts to choose from in the Explore section. 


When can I see my challenges until?

The challenge will be available for 24 hours after the final week's workouts are live, after this it will be removed from the app and you’ll be unable to complete any outstanding challenges. All completed workouts will appear in your planner still. 


How long can I sign up for the challenge?

The challenge registration will be available from 12th July until 18th July 2021, during this time you will be able to swap your trainers or level if you change your mind. You will need to register before the end date of registration in order to take part, once the challenge is live there isn’t a way you can register to get it on your app. 


What is the difference between each trainer’s challenge?

Danyele - If you want to improve your level of conditioning, enhance performance, strengthen functional movement patterns and pay special attention to improving your perform like the athlete you are.

Krissy - If you are looking to build your muscular endurance and strength in a short period of time with minimal equipment, then my challenge is perfect for you. Each day is unique yet continuing to keep the core foundations the same. 

Melissa - If you are looking for ways to diversify your fitness this summer with fast paced, high energy, primarily lower impact workouts to get you feeling fit and bring out the true warrior in you, then this is the right challenge for you!


Can I add the challenge to my planner?

At the start of the week Elevate workouts will be added to your planner, so you will have the ability to move the workouts around in that week to suit you. They will also be titled so you know what area you’re focusing on in each challenge. 


If I quit the challenge, can I get it back?

If you decide to quit the challenge you won’t be able to get it back and there is no way you can rejoin. It will be removed from your dashboard and any uncompleted workouts will be removed from your planner. 


What happens if I don’t complete the challenge workouts in the week, do they get pushed forward?

You will only have access to the workouts for that week, they won’t be pushed forward. There are 4 workouts per week to complete.


Can I restart or delete a challenge from my planner?

Once the challenge has been completed you won’t be able to delete or move the challenge from your planner.

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