Melissa's Commit Gym and home guide

Want to know the latest about Melissa’s Commit Home and Gym guides? Check out our key FAQ’s to find out all of the latest information!


Gym Guide 

What will the Commit Gym help me achieve?

The Commit Gym guide will help you achieve the ability to be able to lift, run and move more effectively and efficiently,  improving your total body fitness.


How does the Commit Gym guide work?

Melissa has designed Commit gym to embrace your inner champion, committing to yourself and stepping outside your comfort zone to achieve your highest level of fitness, maximising your efforts in the gym building strength and stamina, both mentally and physically, whilst improving your body's muscle symmetry and body composition. 

What style of training will it be? 

Commit Gym Guide is a metabolic strength training split, maximising our efforts in the gym building strength and stamina. We will focus on building lean muscle, improve overall strength and symmetry within the body with a combination of resistance exercises and improve endurance through specific aerobic exercises, while increasing recovery and mobility with dedicated core and mobility day. 


Why has Melissa created a Gym plan as well as a Home plan? Melissa wanted a workout program to offer to the community that is as close to her specific personal style of training as possible within the gym setting, which is why it offers variety in fitness and has a focus on compound and unilateral exercises. Melissa’s commit home guide is similar except with all free weights and minimal equipment. 


How long are the Commit Gym guide exercises?

The beginner level should take no longer than 30 minutes for the remaining levels; each exercise can vary between 45- 60 minutes. The core and mobility recharge day is designed to be done in less than 30 minutes.


How many days can I choose between?

You can choose either the 3 or 5 day a week guide to complete


I want to be able to complete cardio outside of the guide as well?

Depending on your health, fitness and energy levels you can incorporate cardio into both the 3 and 5 day guide.


What level should I choose?

New to fitness or just picking back up fitness? Head to the 8 week beginner guide. The first 4 weeks will lay the foundation for you to move onto the final 4 weeks of beginner and then onto the intermediate level.


Why is it designed to be 3 or 5 day guides? 

Because Commit at the Gym requires a gym membership or gym machinery at home, Melissa designed it in a way that is more manageable so you will be able to reach your fitness goals as well as give you the option to add in additional non guide workouts or runs if desired. The Commit Home Guide uses free weights and can be done anywhere which makes it easily accessible as well as is designed to make sure every muscle group works together in a functional flow of movement so you get the real benefits without overtaxing the body, therefore has a 4 day frequency and 6 day frequency. 


How does the advanced Commit Home guide work?

An 8 week guide which has been designed for our community members who are looking to move onto the next level and complete Melissa’s advanced level with her signature training style.

What levels are available in Melissa’s Commit Gym guide

The Commit gym guide is currently available in beginner and intermediate levels. 


Commit Home Guide 


What has changed in the Commit Home guide?

Since the launch of Commit 1.0 Melissa has taken on the feedback of what the community loved about the Commit guide and has revised it to make sure that the guide is the best guide for our community!


How does the advanced Commit Home guide work?

An 8 week guide which has been designed for our community members who are looking to take the next level and complete Melissa’s advanced level. 


How many days is the Home Commit guide?

The home guide is available in both 4 and 6 days a week.

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