Everything you need to know about Black Friday!

Looking to join and get the best offer over this Black Friday offer? Check out all of our FAQ's to find out all of our frequently asked questions. 


I already have a subscription. Can I get this offer?

Have a subscription through the website but want to take advantage of our forever offers? Head to the website and choose your chosen subscription. This code will activate when your subscription renews and will not count towards your current subscription. 


What happens if I have an IOS/Google Play subscription?

Our Black Friday offers are only valid via the website and can’t be redeemed via Google Play or iOS. If your subscription is running out soon we’d recommend cancelling your subscription and once the subscription has expired head to the website to redeem the offer. As long as you use the same email address to create your account you will keep all of your data and stars you’ve earnt during your time at Tone & Sculpt.


I’ve tried to login to the website but I’m getting a 404 error message 

Getting a 404 error message when heading onto the website? This will be due to your subscription being connected through the App Store or Google Play. If you would like to check the status of your subscription please head to your settings in your phone. 


If you are looking to update your subscription to one of our offers this can’t be done if you still have an active subscription through iOS or Google Play and will therefore need to wait until the subscription has expired before subscribing with one of our offers. 


I’ve started my 14 day trial and payment has just been taken. Can I take advantage of the offer? 

If your subscription has just been renewed within the last 24 hours, please drop the community team a message.


I have a student discount but want to redeem the Black Friday offers. Will my student discount count on top of the Black Friday discount?

All of our discounts are not applicable to be used in conjunction with student discounts. If you have a student discount and want to take advantage of the Black Friday offers we would suggest choosing the Black Friday discount. 


Is this discount only available for new customers? 

If you have an existing subscription through the website then head to the website to choose your new subscription with the discounted rate.

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